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Alfrex Solid – AS 1530.1 certified non-combustible 3mm Pre-Finished Aluminium Panel

Fully rated as non-combustible as tested to Australian Standard AS 1530.1 Alfrex Solid is constructed from 100% aluminium, rather than combustible polyethelyne and fire retardant mineral like typical aluminium composite materials (ACM). Alfrex Solid uses a range of finishes from PVDF, Kynar 500, Hylar 5000 and Duranar PPG, manufacturing by high-quality roll coating
(roll-to-roll continuous) coating method.
It features both a pre-finished panel surface as well as a primer treated reverse side for extra protection. Unlike traditional powder-coated panels, pre-finished Alfrex Solid can be fabricated immediately, saving end-user costs, reducing damage and lead times.


fire resistance

Alfrex Solid is constructed from 100% Aluminium, rather than combustible polyethylenc and fire retardant mineral such as typical Aluminium composite materials (ACM). BCA compliant as a Deemed-to-satisfy (DTS) Non - combustible solution for both new buildings and re-cladding application. As with all building products, the use of Alfrex Solid must be authorised by the regulatory body.

fire resistance's test standard and result etc.
Test Standard Result
AS 1530.1 Non - Combustible
AS 1530.3 Pass lgnitability index 0
Pass Spread of Flame Index 0
Pass Heat Evolved Index 0
Pass Smoke Developed Index 0 - 1

colour charts


Standard Metallic

Metallic Pearl

coating system

Alfrex Solid is coated with polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF) KYNAR 500, Hylar 5000 or FEVE paints highly recommended for excellent weatherproofing. More than 40 years of South Florida Exposure Testing is continuing to confirm the superior and physical properties of
fluoropolymer coatings.
It meets the industry’s toughest performance requirements, including AAMA 2605. All finishes resist dirt chalking, fading, and UV degradation. Adhesion and flexibility are excellent, and the film resists chipping , cracking, crazing, erosion, abrasion and impact.

techical introduction

    • Total Thickness : 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm
    • Width : 1050mm / 1250mm
      (On Demand : 1575mm)
    • Length : 1800 - 5000mm
      (Min. 20 panels per size)
    • Width : +/- 2mm
    • Length : +/- 4mm
    • Thickness : +/- 0.1mm
    • Bow : 0.5% of the length and / or width
    • Uniform Coating Appearance
    • Excellent Machinability
    • Wide Range of Colours
    • Maximum Thickness 3mm
technical introduction
Property ( Alloy 3003 H14) Test Standard Unit Result
Physical Properties Specific gravity - g/cc 2.72
Weight - kg/sqm 8.0
Mechanical Properties Tensile strength ASTM E8 psi 20.300
Yield strength ASTM E8 psi 17.400
Elongation ASTM E8 % 28

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