Alfrex FR ACM is a continuous process manufactured metal composite material (MCM)

Alfrex FR consists of an extruded fire-resistant core permanently bonded to pre-finished aluminum skins on each side.


It is extremely lightweight and exceptionally flat, yet easy to fabricate into any shape. Alfrex FR ACM is coil coated utilizing 70% PVDF Kynar resin and other high-quality paint finishes – providing color uniformity, an extensive range of colors, unique coating patterns and textures, and the confidence of industry standard performance warranties.


Its properties make Alfrex FR ACM an ideal choice for most any architectural design intent imaginable.

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AS 1530.1 , AS 1530.3 , Codemark Certified...

Lightweight & Flat

8.1 Kg per SQM, High strength-to-weight ratio. Exceptional flatness 3003/ H14 Alloy with...

Flexible and Formable

Can be cut, routed, sheared, bent, folded, roll formed

Wide Color Range

Solid, Standard Metallic, Metallic Pearl, Wood Grain, Stone, Brushed Aluminium Finish...

Fully Tested and Certified

CodeMark certified, Hail tested Intertek Laboratory USA...

Durable Finishes

Pre-coated with Fluoropolymer paint system from PPG. Finish Performance Warranties...

Standard Sizes

Total Thickness 4mm
Top Skin Thickness 0.5mm
Rear Skin Thickness 0.5mm
Widths 1250mm / 1575mm
Lengths 1000 - 5500mm


Width +/- 2mm
Length +/- 4mm
Square +/- 4mm
Exclusively made in South Korea using Australian Raw material
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