2 Coat Solids

Ascot White

Dove Gray

Fashion Gray

Dark Gray



Castle Gray

Sea Wolf


Vivid Solids

Signal Blue

Vibrant Red

2 Coat Mica
No grid was found for: 2 Coat Mica.
3 Coat Metallics
No grid was found for: 3 Coat Metallics.
Wood Series


Golden Oak

Dark Walnut

Metal Series

Faux Zinc Graphite

Faux Zinc

Faux Zinc Lite

Tile Corten

Specialty Series

Hairline Clear


Satisfies All Your Senses

Alfrex new finish lineup

Today, Alfrex offers diverse printing patterns including metal, wood, and stone, all to exceed your expectation.

  1. First, aluminum composite panels meant only solid color sheets.
  2. Next, vibrant and wide spectrum of colors were introduced.
  3. Today, Alfrex offers printing patterns including metal, wood, and stone, all to exceed your expectation.

The Advantages

Strong durability

Beautilful color and gloss

Excellent weatherability

Tough against scratches

Highly resistant to corrosion, moisture and oxidation

Alfrex leads the way with innovative designs, by incorporating natural design elements into our aluminium composite panels.

You can now feel the texture of nature – wood, stone, corten and more with the Alfrex new finish lineup.


We satisfy all your senses.


Presenting speciality finishes by Alfrex.
Live out your dream of trendy architectural design with Alfrex colors.

Start a new project with Alfrex?

Coating Data

Alfrex color coating uses the PVDF coating method with Kynar500 paint base. PPG, which has excellent technologies and facilities worldwide, thoroughly reviews and guarantees the coating specifications.
We also continue to develop the technology to meet new trends.
PROPERTY UNIT 2 Coat(AAMA 2605-05) 3 Coat(AAMA 2605-13)
Specular Gloss - 25 40
Dry Film Hardness - 3H F
Film Adhesion Dry Adhesion % 100 100
Wet Adhesion % 100 100
Boiling Water Adhesion % 100 100
Impact Resistance - No Defects No Defects
Abrasion Resistance L/㎛ 2.2 72
Chemical Resistance "Muriatic Acid Resistance
(15-Minute Spot Test)"
- No Defects No Defects
"Mortar Resistance
(24-Hour Pat Test)"
- No Defects No Defects
Nitric Acid Resistance - 0.7 0.3
Window Cleaner Resistance - No Defects No Defects
Humidity Resistance - - Blisters Size No.10
Cyclic Corrosion Test - - R.N.10
Color Retention - - 1.1
Chalk Resistance - - No.10
Gloss Retention % - 95
Exclusively made in South Korea using Australian Raw material
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